YPAA (Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous)

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YPAA (Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous)

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Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (YPAA) is a fellowship within the larger AA community aimed at young individuals who are recovering from alcoholism. YPAA provides a supportive environment tailored to the unique challenges and experiences of younger members.


The purpose of YPAA is to:

  • Offer a peer-support network for young people in recovery.
  • Provide a welcoming space where young people can share experiences.
  • Encourage active involvement in the larger AA community.


YPAA often organizes activities and events to foster community, such as:

  • YPAA Conferences: Regional or national events featuring workshops, speakers, and fellowship.
  • Outdoor Activities: Hiking, camping, and other group outings.
  • Social Events: Movie nights, picnics, and informal gatherings.


YPAA operates under the umbrella of the main Alcoholics Anonymous program, adhering to the same Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Meetings may be:

  • Open - Available to any interested parties.
  • Closed - Limited to AA members and prospective members.
  • Online - Conducted on the internet for accessibility.


While YPAA generally uses the standard AA literature, some specific pamphlets and materials focus on the experiences of young people in recovery. Examples include:

  • Growing Up in AA
  • A Message to Teenagers

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