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Online Meetings

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An Online AA Meeting


Online Meetings are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings conducted over the internet, allowing for remote participation. These meetings have gained popularity for their accessibility and are especially useful for those who cannot attend in-person meetings due to geographical or other constraints.


  • Accessibility: Allows members to join from anywhere.
  • Anonymity: Provides an extra layer of privacy for those who prefer it.
  • Variety: Online platforms offer a range of meeting formats and topics, much like traditional meetings.

Types of Online Meetings

  • Video Meetings: Conducted over video conferencing platforms like Zoom.
  • Audio-Only Meetings: Participants join via a phone line or use audio on a web platform.
  • Chat-Based Meetings: Text-based discussions in a chat room or forum setting.
  • Hybrid Meetings: A mix of online and in-person attendance.


  • Ensure your microphone is muted when you're not speaking.
  • Use your first name or a pseudonym for anonymity, if preferred.
  • Follow the meeting format and guidelines as set by the meeting chair.
  • Treat online meetings with the same level of respect and confidentiality as you would in-person meetings.

How to Join

1. Find an online meeting: AA directories or websites often list online meeting schedules. 2. Check requirements: Some meetings may require software downloads or have password restrictions. 3. Join the meeting: Follow the link or instructions provided to access the online meeting room.

See Also

  • Open Meetings - Meetings open to anyone interested in the AA program.
  • Closed Meetings - Meetings intended only for AA members or prospective members.
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  • The Twelve Traditions - Guidelines for how individual AA groups and the AA fellowship as a whole should function.
  • Literature - Key texts and literature associated with AA.

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