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Open Meetings

File:Open Meetings AA.jpg
An Open AA Meeting in progress


Open Meetings are a type of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting that are open to anyone interested in the AA program. Unlike closed meetings, which are reserved for members who identify as alcoholics, open meetings welcome family, friends, students, and other observers.


The main objectives of open meetings are:

  • To provide education and information about AA.
  • To offer a platform for sharing personal stories of recovery.
  • To offer support to those who are affected by someone else's drinking.


While the structure can vary, a typical open meeting may include:

  • A welcome and introduction
  • Reading of AA literature such as passages from the Big Book
  • Personal testimonials from AA members
  • A guest speaker discussing a topic related to recovery


  • Visitors are generally welcome but are asked to respect the confidentiality and anonymity of AA members.
  • Participation is usually limited to AA members, although some meetings allow for audience questions or comments at the end.

See Also

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